Saturday, 13 July 2013

Gracefull little darlings

Took a trip to the Farne's with 4 of my niece's they loved it and used my spare camera to out do me in the photo competition. In Seahouses visits to the amusements, gift shops and greengrocers also went down well. Ellie walked down the street eating a red bell pepper, the looks on passers bye faces were amusing, I told one bloke that I had hypnotised her and she thought it was an apple.
by Kaitlin age 9
by Lauren

by Josie

By Ellie

can't remember who took this but it wasn't me

the girls

the islands

for the fat little dwarf from Howdon

Kaitlin shows me how its done

Ellie does the same

funny faces

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Butterflies at Big Waters

 The last 2 weeks once again dominated by my menial work I did get to the waaters once or twice and apart from a few waterbirds with young, butter and dragonflies are the orders of the day. Ringlet first seen at BW only 2 year ago are now doing well and Skippers show well too. In the heat Meadow browns seem to be everywhere.I am hoping to visit the Farnes this weekend so expect a Puffin snap or two.