Sunday, 9 February 2014

Crap photos

Today at Big waters the camera was never used so I left with no new photos to post. The Green winged teal was there but from the bottom hide even more distant than last time. This got me thinking about some of the crap images I have kept over the years mainly from my time digiscoping. I opened the folders and they were full of shit I don't have the heart to delete, those below relate to special memories, Sea eagles on Mull, a once thriving Black necked grebe colony and my only Prestwick carr Garganey .

It is a drake garganey  honest

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


A day off and off to Big waters on a big twitch, Alan found a Green winged teal on Monday and this was my first chance to try and see it. On this occasion I was not a LOSER as the bird showed in the distance for sometime. So this "sad loser of a birdwatcher with no mates "  as called by an ex once, won a small victory. A drink to celebrate was in order, the tipple below only cost a fiver at the Brewdog on Dean street. It went down well, a losers tonic in victory.