Friday, 26 April 2013

The Twitcher

 Tuesday night at The Cumberland Arms, I was there to see a folk band called Baltic Crossing they were fantastic. Fast fiddle tunes from Finland  Denmark and England performed with passion by 2 fins a dane and 2 local lads. The brew on sale was a golden ale from Whitley Bay called The Twitcher and apart from getting me pissed it recalled distant memories of the days when I chased rare birds around the country. One day saw me start at DBCP and end up at Spurn ticking 5 lifers on the way. Another day I was on the Farnes for a rare bunting after chartering a boat , wanting to kill half the twats that had sailed with me. My time chasing the rarities did not last long and was mostly unsatisfying, not cos of the birds but the tits all around me. I find it better to wait till a new bird turns up on patch or explore abroad for new thrills. But everybody to their own.  
Baltic crossing