Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Birdtable Brambling

The covering of snow was enough to see my car unable to get out the drive, so a rare day off work meant I could see the birds using the feeders that are costing me a fortune to keep full. Since moving to Rothley a few months ago its been busy,with too much overtime at work and lots of projects around the house and on the land, all 1.5 acres of it. While in the kitchen chopping onions I noticed a Brambling on the birdtable the photos are all taken through the window so up to the usual standard.
Apart from some local walks and a visit to Big waters, a walk round Bolam lake with my niece Ellie and her new bridge camera were my only outings. My favorite xmas present was the homemade peanut feeder from niece Josie.
Josie's feeder

My new apprentice

The feeders on the lamppost 

The birdtable set up

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