Tuesday, 23 October 2012

California part 2

Day 6
Sequoia and Kings Canyon Nat Parks only $20 for the car and us for 7 days, on entry to the park 2 roadside Brown Bear cubs feeding in a tree. Then it was up to the big trees where Mountain Chickadee and Golden Crowned Kinglet were seen . After Kings Canyon back to Sequoia and the tunnel and Tharp's logs, the first a drive through fallen tree, second a once lived in fallen tree. Another amazing day 

Tadcaster  brown available allover 

Acorn stash
Acorn stasher

Brown Bear Cub

Giant Seqoias

The General and the Boss

ch ch ch Chip and Dale
 Day 7
Left Three Rivers and headed for Yosemite  a young Bald Eagle was seen on the way, then into the park $20 yes $20 all in for a week. They must subsidize the parks with the $1000 a time fine you get for littering anywhere in California, brilliant. The park was beautiful and gave breath taking views and a few birds.
Steller's Jay copyright Sara

Oregon race Dark Eyed Junco