Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bitter but not beer!!

The bitter weather made me chicken out of going birding this weekend and think about sunny times, so I spent the day looking through some old photos.   Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel around the world with my binoculars always close to hand.   My weight and the amount of facial hair vary a lot in these photos thankfully the birds don't mind. Apologies to the two Johns who commented on my last blog but blogger wont let me reply. There will be another beer blog as soon as I find more bird related beer and the tramp was sent packing.

Mole NP Ghana

Redwoods California


Eating Oysters NZ

Spending a Cent

A natural born cowboy Texas

Mozzie heaven Aransas Texas

Big bend Texas

Kruger NP South Africa

Cuban cowboys eye view 

Bathing Cuban style

Foraged oysters and birdy beer

As you know I like camoflage

Heaven is a place on Lesvos