Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring like

Saturday and a trip to Big Waters in the sunshine felt like spring was in the air. The ducks were pairing up and Coots were becoming Territorial , Mute swans chased each other around the place , including a headless one. Brown hooded Black headed gulls were on show and songbirds sang. The feeding station held a couple of almost breeding plumaged Reed buntings and at least 2 Willow tit. I then went to Prestwick Carr but did not stay long due to a raging thirst. I was however able to see 2 Short eared owls hunting in the distance. The light had gone so I only managed a crap shot at 1600 iso of a bird 200 yards away. My photo's may be poor but watching these owls even at distance never fails to thrill, so I toasted them with a pint or two in the Masons Arms.
Paired off
Headless swan (sp uncertain)

Brown hoods showing