Monday, 30 December 2013

Malaysia part 5 Grounds for divorce

The private island of Pankor lout was where our marriage hit the rocks. Sara went for a walk along the beach, asking me to take some photos of her as she went. That was of corse only if I did not want to join her. Can in one hand, camera in the other I lay on the veranda of our villa and politelly declined the walk. It was close to feeding time for the Pied hornbills and I did not want to miss that. So I took some photos of her on the beach, drank up and went to the bar for Pied hornbill feeding time, its a hard life.
When we met up she was going on about the big birds she had photos of, yes I said they are all around us its feeding time. No not them little things look at the photos #*$*&!!!!!!!! BITCH Great hornbills. I only got very distant views the day before, nowhere near a photo oppertunity. The very birds I travelled to Malaysia hoping to see and Sara had the shots of the trip.Cow!!! I even had a photo of her in the act.
I hate her

Caught in the act the photo of the photo being taken 

 Even though its a few months since this abomination took place I am still a bit hurt and the bitch shows no remorse. The mangroves at Kuala selangor were little compensation so you can add your own captions to the rest of the shots  HAPPY NEW YEAR