Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 looking back

A year which for me was mainly dominated by work but I did get to Big waters on a fairly regular basis. As for the rest of the county and its good year of raraties Zip diddly squat. A trip to the Farnes with 4 of my nieces was an undoubted highlight also a days fishing and walk through the woods with them lifted my spirits. Sara and me went up to Orkney for the folk festival and some birding and beer. A day at the Ashes was good fun and filled me with hope for the future of English cricket. A holiday in Malaysia was not long enough but hit the spot, exept for the wife's transgression on the Great hornbill front.
January had a cold snap

The hornbill queen drinking my beer

The future of the Forster clan

The future of English cricket

The best hornbill photo of the trip NOT!
My new year resolutions are to smoke more tabs drink more beer and do more birding, hopefully the last will be as easy to do as the first two.