Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bolam Nuthatch and others

Over the last few days I've had a visit to Big waters where Chiff chaffs sing and promise that its just the start of a busy breeding season to come. The spawning Frogs have come and gone, next up the Toads. Bolam lake carpark and an interesting preference was noted. I put down some mixed birdseed to attract Nuthatch and had a walk around the lake. On my return camera at the ready I topped up the seed and noticed that all the sunflower hearts had gone. The peanuts suet and all the other stuff had hardly been touched, so I watched what birds chose each time they landed. Whatever the species it was always the sunflower hearts, now I always knew they went down well but until they were all eaten the birds took nowt else.

This GSW was near what looked near a newly dug nest hole

Guess what this little beauty was feeding on  
Today up the coast 14 drake Shoveler from the Budge hide, 8 Whoopers at Cresswell where the water levels were far to high causing flagship species to dessert. Now the NWT own this pond they might actually try their hand at a bit of habitat management, but somehow I doubt it. Wildlife can not pay subs so where is the benefit to the trust, only us mugs will keep paying the wages of an office bound organisation that's sole purpose seems to be raising money to spend on its self. When will they make habitat management THE priority instead of making the staff who actually benefit wildlife by their hands on graft redundant. How much money has been raised for Red squirrels in the last 10 or more years as the Greys have poured in with out any trust strategy to trap them being effective. As for that wildlife mecca Northumberlandia,, big tits I grant you, why get involved there then stand by and let geese be shot as hazards to aircraft. The "veiwing platform" at Prestwick carr is a fucking joke and as for the ........................