Sunday, 13 April 2014

Alan and Allan's Algarve action days 1&2

Just back from a trip to the Algarve with Big Waters legend AJJ, we had a week there and it did not
disappoint. The very first photo of the trip was the Azure winged magpie below, and they just kept coming. The first morning was spent around the Alvor estuary, then it was off to Lagoa de Salgado . Day 2 was around the Castro Verde area where 5 lifers were enjoyed in the first hour, also a sky that seemed full of Monties and 2 Spanish Imperial Eagles. The Great bustards were mega and one did the "foam bath" display, but the dirty Little bustards only showed in the distance. 2 Black vultures rounded off a good visit to the LPN reserves and the bridge at Mertola was home to lots of Lesser Kestrals.
common seen many times the largest group being 37

typical selection of wetland birds

Calandra lark first photo of day 2 and second lifer of the day

lifer 5 and its not even 9 am

Lesser kesser des res 

6 in a scope view