Friday, 28 December 2012

A Cure For Flu

On Thursday night I found myself full of flu, Friday morning the same so when the wife went to babysit for the twins it was time to test a theory. Maybe by trying to get well we forget the healing properties of booze. Drink can do wonders for low self esteem so why not cure a viral infection, by drinking? I had taken all the drugs but the cold relief tablets contained caffeine so as a manic man I was buzzing. It was time to put my theory to the test. The flu could be drowned!!!! So off I went 8 bottles of spitfire and a few whiskies, in fact 3/4 of a bottle of Arbalour and I feel fine . If when I wake in the morning I still have the flu this "cure" is only worth trying if you like drink and are willing to experiment with new theories. But I feel sure that unless I puke, I am cured. More tomorrow.