Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Orcadian Rhythm

A circadian rhythm is a rhythm that repeats about every 24 hours. Plants and animals have these built-in cycles which allow them to flower at the right time, sleep at the right time etc. The word "circadian" comes from the Latin circa, "around", and diem or dies, "day", meaning "about a day." The study of biological time-keeping rhythms such as daily, tidal, weekly, seasonal, and annual rhythms, is called chronobiology
2 breweries nuff said
 Orkney has a rhythm all its own, fuelled by Real Ale, good Whiskey, cracking music and good beef . Islands steeped in history with a wealth of wildlife fill you with a sense of well being, and the fish and chips are good too. Just dont upset the headmaster (read photo below)
good education system

ferries the life lines

old stone things


more music

sunshine sometimes

glamorous girls

roomy accomodation 

old stone things

old men

old stone things

good beef

barns full of whiskey

the chair (look them up on you tube)