Sunday, 16 September 2012

Badger cull madness

Cattle can be vaccinated against TB a disease that takes sophisticated testing to discover in them. So why kill, not cull, kill, Badgers to try and control the disease.  Badgers have never been proven to transmit the disease to our very tasty herd of beef and dairy cattle and killing Brock in test areas prior to this proved nothing.

Dairy farmers would be better served by supermarkets paying a fair price for milk, than by  sadists who enjoy killing animals running amok in our countryside.

How do you ensure an area is cleared of badgers  elusive nocturnal creatures by nature? Shot at night by that pillar of society the lamper a clean kill is far from guaranteed, Disturbed badgers will disperse themselves widely spreading, if that's what they do, TB even further

A load of bull  

This expensive waste of life and money will do nothing except glorify the great white hunter and give an excuse to the sadist scum badger baiters to help out.